Why Should I be on LinkedIn? Part II

Why Should I be on LinkedIn? Part II

By Donna Van Derveer


Join groups
Joining groups on LinkedIn helps you stay in touch with former or current organizations, find people with similar interests, and participate in a professional online community. Being a part of a group extends your network, increases profile visibility, and promotes your brand. You can also stay in touch with alumni and past colleagues.

It’s who you know: Network, Network, Network
Do not wait until you graduate to begin networking. By making early connections with professors, classmates and alumni, you can start to build a network that will prove valuable both during and after college. Students often meet professionals at networking events and are asked to contact them after graduation. With LinkedIn you can request a connection to ensure they remember you and stay in touch.
Prepare for internship or job interviews
In an interview, you are expected to know about the company, but what do you know about the people that are interviewing you? LinkedIn profiles can provide useful information about employer’s job histories or backgrounds that may increase your chances of making a good impression. NACE’s 2012 Student Survey shows that nearly 25 percent of 2012 graduates used social media as a research tool. By visiting company pages, you can determine the mission of the company, the hiring process and discover what others have to say about that organization’s corporate culture. You can be a part of the 25 percent that stands out in the interview process. Conducting research on LinkedIn allows you to stay ahead of the competition and increases your knowledge and employability.

Why do you think it’s important to be a member on LinkedIn? Tell us below.

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Image Source: http://www.business2community.com/linkedin/9-dexterous-ways-to-dominate-linkedin-groups-0382277

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