Academic Enrichment

Thinking about attending the Big Sky Employment and Academic Enrichment Fair?
Internship advice from Dr. Cheryl Minnick, Ed.D, Internship Coordinator & Career Advisor

Here are five helpful hints:

  1. First impressions count! You don’t get a second chance for a first impression. Have a strong hand-shake, bring a few copies of your resume and remember your manners (say please and thank you).
  2. Dress professionally; which means if Gramma would have a problem with your outfit, your shoes, hair or bling, more than likely an employer would too. (this includes fresh smelling breath and pits)
  3. Think about the goal of an internship – is it to try on skills, check out a company, expand your experience or get a job… and consider if the internship and company would be a good fit. Not all would be.
  4. Sometimes employers do not have a current opening, but they may in the future. Talk with them now and…

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